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Microsoft Uses Online Shopping Channels For Latest Software Sales In China

Microsoft's official e-commerce website in China has started the sales of the new-generation Office software, with CNY699 for the home and student edition and CNY4,899 for the professional edition.

Meanwhile, the Office 365 home premium edition is available for the annual subscription fee of CNY499, supporting the use of five PCs or Macs.

The information on the website shows that the new Office products includes a small-enterprise edition for CNY3,349. At present, consumers can buy those products on the Chinese official e-commerce website of Microsoft. Compared with those sold in America, the prices are lower in the Chinese market.

Microsoft also launched single function products in China, including Word 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, and PowerPoint 2013. The price for each product is CNY888.

On October 11, 2012, Microsoft completed the Office 2013 RTM version. At the end of 2012, Microsoft provided Office 2013 to MSDN, TechNet, and batch licensed users. Recently, the company offered a USD10 edition Office 2013 to Software Assurance users as a part of its Home Use Program.

According to previous prices revealed by Microsoft, the standard edition Office 2013 is sold at USD369, the professional enhanced edition is USD499, the home and student edition is USD139, and the home and business edition is USD219. In addition, Office 365 home premium edition is offered at the subscription fee of USD8.33 per month.

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