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DHL Adds Luxury Goods Logistics Center In Shanghai

DHL announced plans to build a fashionable customized logistics center in Jiuting, Shanghai, to provide distribution and delivery of luxury goods.

According to a representative from DHL, with an investment of EUR4.3 million, the new logistics center will have an area of 10,500 square meters, and it will provide full services to ensure the safe delivery of products from European and American makers to Chinese retailers. The representative also revealed that apart from bonded and non-bonded plants, anti-theft boxes, and an information monitoring system, the logistics center can also offer an environment of constant temperature, constant humidity, and no dust for luxury goods delivery.

Liang Qiyuan, chief executive officer for DHL's global delivery in Asia Pacific, told local media that over the past ten years, the market scale of the Chinese fashion industry has tripled. Chinese consumers have become the world's largest luxury goods buyer group and their consumption accounted for 25% of the total luxury goods sold across the world. For DHL, this market means huge business opportunities.

DHL currently has similar customized logistics centers in India and Pakistan, aiming to meet the ever-growing fashion and apparel trading demands between Asic Pacific and Europe and North America.

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