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Fujian Will Subsidize 500 Community Convenience Stores In 2013

The Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission announced that by October 2013, they will encourage the building and renovation of 500 community convenience stores, including 100 in Fuzhou and ten in the Pingtan comprehensive experimental zone.

Once these convenience stores pass the acceptance phase, the provincial financial department will allocate a CNY20,000 subsidy to each convenience store.

According to the Fujian government, the Chinese province launched this program to support the chain development of community convenience stores in 2011.

To gain subsidies, these convenience stores, owned or franchised, should be established by chain operators and have unified names, logos, design styles, procurement, delivery, and management. The convenience stores should open at least 12 hours each day; provide more than 1,800 products; and offer certain services like telephone, faxing, copying; printing, digital photo printing, or ticket booking. The operating areas should be no smaller than 50 square meters and located around residential areas, main roads, bus stations, and hospitals, which can be reached by foot in 15 minutes from the these places.

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