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McDonald's Will Super-Size Its China Operations With 75,000 New Employees

McDonald's is expected to have 2,000 restaurants in China by the end of 2013 and it plans to hire over 75,000 new employees in the country.

McDonald's has launched a specially-designed mobile app for recruitment, hoping to attract more people with this innovation.

For 2013, McDonald's plans to open 300 new restaurants in China. The company previously launched its recruitment week, during which its over 1,700 existing restaurants opened their doors to job seekers. Those interviewees could walk into any of the McDonald's restaurants at a specified period of time to visit the work and rest environment of the restaurants. They could start the interview after their visit if they wanted to join McDonald's.

Li Hui, McDonald's China vice president and general manager for south region, said that the company will employ about 2,000 baristas as it also expands its McCafe brand.

McDonald's earlier announced plans to focus on the development of its coffee brand McCafe in China. By the end of 2013, the company is expected to have over 750 McCafes in China, representing an increase of 45%.

McCafe's major competitor Starbucks previously revealed to Chinese local media that the company currently has 12,000 employees in China and it plans to increase the number to 30,000 over the next two years. Meanwhile, it is expected to have 1,500 outlets by that time.

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