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China's Tongrentang Pharmacy Opens New Store In Australia

The traditional Chinese medicine provider Beijing Tongrentang Group has opened a new medicine outlet in Cabramatta, a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

This is reportedly Beijing Tongrentang's fourth outlet in Australia. Ding Yongling, deputy general manager of Beijing Tongrentang, said this marks a new milestone for the development of Beijing Tongrentang in Australia.

Beijing Tongrentang opened its first store in Sydney in 2005 and more stores were opened in Brisbane in 2008 and Chatswood, north of Sydney, in 2011. The steady development of Beijing Tongrentang in Australia is a sign that traditional Chinese medicine is more accepted by Australians.

Traditional Chinese medicine entered Australia early in the 19th century. At the end of 1970s, there were only a few traditional Chinese medicine doctors in the country. However, with the increase of Chinese immigrants, traditional Chinese medicine experienced rapid growth in Australia. On July 1, 2012, Australia became the first developed country to recognize the legal status of traditional Chinese medicine by national legislation.

Founded in 1669, Beijing Tongrentang is a time-honored brand in the traditional Chinese medicine industry. Its products are sold to 40 countries and regions and it has 87 overseas stores.

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