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McDonald's Locates Regional Anhui Headquarters In Hefei

McDonald's has located its Anhui headquarters in Baohe district, Hefei.

McDonald's businesses in Anhui are operated by Anhui Liansheng Restaurant Food Company Limited. At present, McDonald's has 27 chain restaurants in Anhui, and those restaurants contribute CNY200 million operating revenue and 1,500 jobs to the company.

During the next five years, McDonald's plans to open over 120 new restaurants in this province, reaching a total of 150. This move is expected to create 10,000 new fast food jobs, CNY1.5 billion operating revenue, and CNY120 million in taxes.

McDonald's has opened over 33,000 chain restaurants in 118 countries and regions around the world, and it provides food to 67.8 million consumers every day.

Image Credit: dailin

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