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Fonterra Plans To Milk China For 30 More Pastures

New Zealand-based Fonterra Co-operative Group has announced plans to build 30 pastures in China before 2020.

Apart from the large-scale pasture investment, the company also plans to launch its own-brand infant formula in the country, instead of merely supplying raw materials to other milk powder makers.

Qin Min, vice president for Fonterra Greater China, said that the company will build five or six group pastures, including 30 pastures. Each group will have five or six pastures, which can establish scale effect in feed supply and pollutants management. According to Qin, Fonterra aims at milk capacity of one billion liters in China.

Qin also revealed that apart from the existing raw material supply business, the company will enhance the promotion of its consumer goods business during the second half of 2013, including launching its own brand of infant formula. Qin said although China has pollution problems, its milk cow health and milk quality in pastures is as good as that in New Zealand.

Fonterra currently has five pastures in Hebei province, and it is planning its second pasture group in Shanxi.

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