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Kovurt VPN Promises Big Cyber Monday 2013 Deals For Internet Privacy Fans


Hong Kong, November 9, 2013 / - - Maintaining privacy on your phone or laptop is now easier and cheaper with a one-day opportunity to get a 50% discount on a VPN subscription from

This year's Cyber Monday falls on December 2, 2013, and the technicians and privacy advocates at are ramping up to offer an unbeatable deal for new users. All annual subscriptions for either mobile or professional subscriptions have a 50% discount all day December 2, from 0:01 until 24:00, Hong Kong time (+8 GMT).

By using the discount code "cybermonday2013" at checkout on December 2, any new user gets an immediate 50% discount on a virtual private network (VPN) subscription. This discount code can only be used on December 2, 2013.

As "An Internet Privacy Fix", Kovurt's VPN acts as a tunnel between a user's smartphone or laptop and Kovurt's servers. When a user activates the Kovurt tunnel, they receive immediate privacy on their local networks. Any type of e-commerce, banking, or social networking activity is kept secure and private from prying eyes on the user's local network. Kovurt also allows users to view social media or online videos that they may other wise have banned or blocked from their locations. For example, Facebook is blocked in China, but a user in Shanghai using Kovurt can easily access Facebook or other social media websites. Likewise, if a user in France wants to view a Netflix movie from the U.S., the user only needs to use Kovurt to access that Netflix movie.

Kovurt's VPN service is still in beta, but the company has been selling its personal VPN services to individual users for the past year. Kovurt also rolled out an iOS app targeted at users in Asia earlier this year.

For more information, please visit Become a Kovurt Agent and be safe online!

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