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Yili Net Profit Up 82.7% In First Three Quarters Of 2013

Chinese dairy company Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group published its performance report for the first three quarters of 2013.

The company realized total operating revenue of CNY36.571 billion during the reporting period; while its net profit increased by 82.7% year-on-year to CNY2.525 billion.

Though Yili's stable performance growth was attributed to its good performance in the capital market, the largest contributor was still the precise implementation of its enterprise strategy, which was focusing on milk sources.

As the lack of milk sources and the increase of raw milk costs became pressing issues in China, Yili realized that apart from enhancing domestic milk sources in China, they need to open up the global industrial chain and look for better milk sources worldwide.

Yili has been seeking strategic cooperation in the global milk source sector and it raised the concept of a "Dairy World Village". With this increasingly clear international strategy, Yili says it will reinforce its competitiveness in the Chinese market by participating in the global industrial chain resource integration. Yili recently broke ground on a new dairy factory in New Zealand.

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