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Majority Of Chinese Migrant Worker Parents Cannot Cope With Pressure Of Raising Children Away From Home


Beijing, China, January 10, 2014 / - - Over 80% of Chinese migrant workers with left-behind children feel inadequate as parents, and experience frequent anxiety and guilt as a result of family separation and failure to provide for their children's well-being and education. Parents form a large part of today's workforce, and their well-being and productivity are directly related to successful business operations.

Over the summer of 2013, CCR CSR, in cooperation with the Facilitator, has carried out research into the challenge of strained family relations as a result of migration for work, highlighting the issue of left-behind and migrant children from the perspective of their working parents. The study engaged over 1500 workers as well as selected management staff in 9 factories across the Pearl River Delta and Chongqing.

The well-being of children is a top priority of working parents. The study found that over 40% of parents have quit their work in the past for family related reasons. The research also shows that a lack of financial means, insufficient access to education and difficulty of making enough time to raise the children, are among the key reasons for family separation and failed relationships between parents and children.

“I feel lonely and I miss my children. I can't always be calling them, and we can't coordinate our time to talk either … if there were jobs back at home then I'd definitely quit and go back home to find work so I could be closer to my children.” (-migrant worker parent)

Companies can play a significant role in supporting working parents and leveraging available resources to assist the wellbeing of families. The research report launch on January 9 in Beijing and January 13 in Shanghai, will aim to share the key study findings and to create an opportunity for discussion on the issue of migrant worker parents and the opportunities for greater company action.

A copy of the report, together with a 2-page summary of findings will be published at, please feel free to contact Kris Kardaszewicz, Senior Policy and Programme Director ([email protected]) for additional information.


CCR CSR is a Swedish social enterprise based in Beijing, and providing business with expertise and services helping to facilitate a positive impact on the lives of children and young people. Over the last four years CCR CSR has built up a strong presence in the industry, and a track record of cooperation with Chinese authorities, civil society actors, as well as international brands and supply chain companies. The team includes professionals with significant experience of work in the government, civil society, academia and a range of international institutions, such as UN and the World Bank.

China Launch Event:

When: Jan 9 2014 in Beijing; Jan 13 2014 in Shanghai, 13:00 – 17:00
Where: Beijing Conrad Hotel (3rd Floor, 29 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District Beijing)
Sofitel Shanghai Hyland(4th Floor, 505 Nanjing Road East, Shanghai)

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