Retailing, Franchising, and Consumerism Business Intelligence in China Taps Overseas O2O In Hong Kong For Mainland Travelers

Chinese third-party Internet payment company announced that the company has launched its Alipay Wallet service, mobile payment with QR codes, in 336 OK convenience stores, 90 Bonjour cosmetics stores and 10 Giordano apparel retail stores in Hong Kong.

This move marks the beginning of Alipay's O2O expansion to overseas markets. Prior to this, the company actively expanded its offline payment services in the Chinese domestic market. It implemented cooperation with department stores, apparel chain stores, and vending machine makers to realize offline payment in various sectors.

Liang Mingjun, Alipay's director for small and micro financial service international business unit, said that when Chinese mainland tourists travel to Hong Kong, they will be able to use Alipay Wallet's QR code payment to complete the payments in those stores. After the cashier completes the product scanning, Alipay Wallet users need to show the Alipay Wallet QR code on their smartphones for the cashier to scan, with which the payment will be completed. The paid money will be exchanged into Renminbi based on the foreign exchange rate of that day and be deducted from their Alipay accounts.

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