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China's Little Sheep Launches First Rebranded Restaurant After Yum Acquisition

Chinese hotpot restaurant chain Little Sheep launched its first remodeled restaurant since its acquisition by U.S.-based Yum.

The restaurant is located in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

After acquiring Little Sheep, Yum announced a related integration planning. Little Sheep's other sites around China are also undergoing renovation planning and implementation based on the store age and rental condition of various sites. The newly-upgraded Little Sheep restaurants will adopt a new brand, including a new logo and new decoration style.

Meanwhile, Little Sheep determined its market positioning of the hotpot restaurant for the first time, and this has impacted the brand. The company continues to use the cute and positive image of a sheep (which will be soon eaten in the hotpot), while adopting modern and simplified colors and typefaces.

Apart from the upgrade of appearance and service, Little Sheep has completed its nationwide menu standardization to ensure food safety. The company will have a centralized procurement system and will follow a unified control and management regime when buying fresh vegetables and bean products from local markets.

In addition to meeting the mainstream taste of consumers across the country, Little Sheep will try to meet regional demands as well, and the standardization of regional menus has also been finished.

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