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Metro Adds Food Customization And Catering Services In China

According to Jeroen de Groot, China president of the German retail giant Metro AG, the group will launch a new food service distribution platform which will provide food customized procurement and processing services to hotels and food and beverage enterprises in China.

This marks Metro's new business channel expansion move in China, following its construction of an e-commerce website.

The new platform will first start trial operation in Qingdao, Shandong province; and it will be operated independently

Metro has been the supplier of many hotels and food and beverage enterprises in China; however, those companies usually purchased existing goods from Metro stores in the past. Compared with its stores, Metro's food service distribution platform is more professional and vertical. It will carefully select 1,000 kinds of core products which are used by those companies on a daily basis, and will customize the food materials in accordance to the demands of customers.

Metro China said that if customers have special requirements about the shape and weight of food materials, Metro can implement processing on the distribution platform; and if customers need food materials of special sizes or places of origin, Metro will immediately procure the products by large scale. Meanwhile, the company revealed that the transport from the distribution platform to the locations of customers will be completed by certified cold chain vehicles.

At present, Metro claims about 222,000 hotel, food and beverage, and cafeteria customers in China.

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