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Chinese Electronics Retailer Launches Internet Crowdsourcing Platform

China's Suning Commerce Group announced the launch of its crowdsourcing platform, which aims to build a one-stop service platform from innovation to sales for consumers.

Suning said that the sales goal of this platform is CNY25 billion in 2015 and it is expected to reach CNY45 billion by 2017.

Wang Zhe, executive vice president for Suning's product operation headquarters, said that Suning's crowdsourcing platform is a comprehensive solutions provider, offering crowdsourcing services for various stages of businesses. He explained that Suning will provide full industrial chain crowdsourcing resources, covering requirement definitions, industrial design, product development, big data, cloud service, content services, financing, manufacturing, quality control, brand licensing, marketing, sales channel, logistics management, and post-sales service.

Suning's crowdsourcing platform will first focus on 3C, home appliances, and Internet smart hardware products; and the company will then expand into maternal and child products and daily commodities sectors.

Suning will use media resources and online and offline resources to promote the products of the companies involved in the program. In addition, the company will initially invest CNY1 billion to set up a credit fund for those Chinese enterprises that want a boost within the system.

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