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Chinese Express Delivery Company Expands Into Lithuania

Following its expansion in Asia and North America, Chinese express delivery company S.F. Express recently established a partnership with Lithuania Post to expand into the European market and to establish the second largest logistics hub in this region.

A representative from S.F. Express revealed that, led by the government of Lithuania, S.F. Express and Lithuania Post signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the beginning of June 2014. This strategic agreement covers various content, including the establishment of a comprehensive logistics service center in Europe. Meanwhile, the two parties will reportedly implement in-depth cooperation in logistics and warehousing, financial settlements, data information, and cross-border e-commerce.

In addition, S.F. Express will help Lithuania Post build the second largest logistics hub in Europe.

For S.F. Express, the reason for choosing Lithuania as its first stop in Europe is because of the transportation advantage of the country. By effectively using the highway, shipping and railway resources of Lithuania, the Chinese company also targets the Central and Eastern European markets. On the completion of its European regional comprehensive logistics service center, S.F. Express will be able to improve its overseas warehousing, realize local shipment, and accelerate product delivery speed.

Financial details of the cooperation were not released.

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