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Southern Chinese Resort Development Secures First Round Funding

Asia Pacific Investment House has successfully completed its first round of financing for an ultra-luxurious resort development in southern China.

The resort development named HMB Avication in China reportedly raised its USD25 million target. Participants in the round were not announced.

Having formed a strategic alliance with a leading helicopter manufacturer, granting them exclusive licensing rights in Asia Pacific, HMB Avication intends to be the first successful mover into the lower air space market. HMB Avication will be China's first large scale helicopter-based ultra-luxury resort and residential property.

A 263-acre eco-friendly resort, HMB Avication is to be located in Fogang. Fogang County is a county of north-central Guangdong province.

The resort will be divided into various districts each providing specialized services and amenities, including a 5-star hotel, commercial district, medical center, spa facilities, fitness clubs, and an 18-hole golf course.

Supporting Fogang's strategy for urban and economic development approximately 1000 jobs will be created, providing crucial sustainable employment. In addition, throughout the project development significant work will be undertaken to improve the local infrastructure.

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