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Apple To Assign 200 American Employees To Expand Chinese Retailing Business

Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice president of retail, reportedly recently sent out a video message to Apple retail store employees in America, stating that they have been recruiting employees from United States-based Apple retail stores to relocate to China to help the company accelerate the retail business expansion in the country.

Ahrendts said that the relocation has no expiration date, which means those American employees may stay in China and experience the frustrations, pollution, and online censorship for a long time.

Ahrendts stated in the video message that "as the business grows, our needs will only become greater, so as your personal and professional life changes, just always keep China at the top of your mind, because we're going to need you."

Local Chinese media report that about 200 employees from American Apple retail stores will be assigned to China in 2015.

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