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Adidas Greater China Sales Up 10% In 2014

The world's leading sportswear brand Adidas recently announced its performance for 2014 financial year, stating that its sales in Greater China reached EUR1.811 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

This reportedly represented Adidas' sales growth in Greater China for five consecutive years since the 2010 financial year.

According to the report, if disregarding the change of exchange rate, Adidas Greater China sales increased by 10% to EUR1.811 billion in 2014. Meanwhile, Adidas achieved sales growth in nearly all regions, except North America. The group reported 8% sales growth in West Europe, attributing to the good performance in Germany, Spain, Britain, and France. It also realized 19% sales growth in European emerging markets. In other Asian markets, Adidas reported 2% growth due to sales increase in South Korea and India.

However, the company's sales decrease in the U.S. led to its 6% sales decrease in North America.

Colin Currie, Adidas Greater China managing director, said that they enhanced the position and retail business coverage of its various categories, which helped the company gain market share over the competition.

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