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Sephora Chooses In China

Chinese B2C e-commerce group announced that the company has reached a deal with cosmetics retailer Sephora to open the largest cosmetics flagship store on

Sephora's flagship store on will provide about 1,200 cosmetics products of over 70 brands. Meanwhile, it will offer exclusive products, product sets, and debut products.

Sephora's flagship store adopts a platform model, which means the cosmetics retailer will be responsible for logistics planning, warehousing, and post-sales services; while JD will be responsible for logistics and delivery.

Anne-Veronique Bruel, president of Sephora Asia, said that the opening of flagship store on JD will help the company expand its Internet business. They will also cooperate with JD to tap the O2O model, combining online shopping and offline experience.

The cosmetics business is reportedly one of the strategic focuses of JD in 2015. The company said they will enhance direct supply cooperation with brands to ensure the product quality of their self-owned business. For their platform business, they will implement strict supervision by checking vendor qualification, controlling purchase channels, applying random sampling, and using a self-developed quality control system. In addition, the company sets strict punitive measures for irregular behaviors by its vendors.

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