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Metro China Upgrades E-commerce Platform

Metro China announced an upgrade to its e-commerce platform to cover multiple platforms such as online, offline and mobile devices throughout China.

With the completion of the upgrade, Metro's online store will realize seamless access to offline physical stores based on customer location information. After consumers place their orders, all goods will be shipped from offline physical stores and consumers can either choose to have products delivered to their doors or pick up from the stores.

Metro has opened e-commerce services for 39 stores in 21 cities across China and they plan to cover all stores in the country before the end of 2015.

Operating with the membership business model, Metro has reportedly collected direct marketing information of over four million members in China. With the upgrade of the e-commerce platform, the company will open its data link and the data of its over 20,000 items will be synchronized with physical stores.

Image Credit: Toni Genes

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