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Burberry Integrates Online And Offline Resources In China

Luxury retailer Burberry recently upgraded its Chinese e-commerce inventory system to accomodate online and offline inventory sharing.

Burberry's offline store employees will be equipped with iPads. If the products demanded by customers are out-of-stock in one store, Burberry's offline store employees can check the online inventory and help customers purchase the products via the online channel. Consumers can then pick up those products from any Burberry offline store.

Burberry said that this plan can improve online and offline product supply and shorten the delivery time in the Chinese market from about ten days to less than three days. In addition, Burberry added a new cosmetics category on its Chinese official website, providing more product choices to consumers.

Burberry pointed out that if the trial operation of online and offline integration is successful in the Chinese market, the company will copy it to the U.K. and the U.S.

At present, Burberry has 68 physical stores in China. The company opened its official flagship store on in 2014 in addition to its official website in China.

Image Credit: Paul McKinnon

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