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JD Forms Strategic Alliance With 17 Home Improvement Brands

Chinese B2C e-commerce website announced a strategic alliance with 17 home improvement brands, including NVC Lighting, Nippon Paint, Dongpeng, and Power Dekor.

JD will provide those alliance brands with better support, covering warehousing, distribution, and purchase recommendations. Meanwhile, JD will team with its partners to deploy home O2O services to upgrade the Internet home improvement experience for customers.

According to Zhou Xinyuan, general manager of JD's home supplies and improvement unit, with the cooperation, JD will open its warehouse and logistics system to the alliance brands to offer fast and effective delivery services to consumers.

At the same time, JD's Internet home decoration business will begin working with with those brands. JD will preferentially recommend products of its alliance brands while providing low-price authentic home improvement materials to consumers via its website.

In recent years, home supplies and improvement has become a focus for So far, its e-commerce platform has introduced many well-known Chinese and international brands, including Ashely, Kuhn Rikon, Fissler, Zojirushi, TOTO, and Harbor House.

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