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Traditional Chinese Medicine Retailer Accelerates Overseas Expansion

The time-honored traditional Chinese medicine brand Tong Ren Tang says it accelerated its overseas expansion and opened nine new stores in the overseas market in 2015.

In reporting the company's results for last year, the company says it has developed 31 branches in 25 countries and regions outside China, operating 115 retail sites, traditional Chinese medicine clinics, and traditional Chinese medicine health centers. It served over 30 million patients in those countries and regions.

Mei Qun, chairman of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group, said that based on the planning of Tong Ren Tang, its international development is divided into three steps. In 1993, the group started its overseas development in Hong Kong; in 2003, they established Beijing Tong Ren Tang International Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong; and in 2013, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Hong Kong and started developing in major European markets.

Ding Yongling, deputy general manager of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group, said that in 2015, the group opened nine new stores in six countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Germany, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Apart from Chinese medicine stores, the group also developed Chinese medicine clinics and health centers in foreign countries.

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