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KFC Opens First Restaurant In Tibet

The world's leading fast food restaurant chain KFC officially opened a store in Lhasa, making it the first well-known international food and beverage brand to enter Tibet.

Located on the first floor of Lhasa's Shenli Times Square, the new KFC restaurant has a total area of over 500 square meters.

Chen Biao, investment manager of Shenli Times Square, said that based on the years of operation of other fast food brands such as Dicos, they found that local people have strong desire to consume hamburgers and fried chicken. Lhasa is a world famous tourist destination and the entry of KFC will bring more people.

KFC's entry into Tibet will promote cultural exchange and fusion, Chen says. It will not only bring new taste experiences to local people, but will be important for cultural communications between different regions.

Image Credit: Hung Chung Chih

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