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McDonald's To Introduce Strategic Investors In China

International fast food chain McDonald's will introduce strategic investors in the Chinese market.

A McDonald's China spokesperson revealed that they are unable to provide further information about the investment forms; however, potential possibilities include franchising, joint venture, and equity transfer.

Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's global president and chief executive officer, said that the company insists on long-term development in mainland China. In 2016, they will continue to open about 250 new restaurants in this marketplace. The introduction of strategic investors will be able to improve decision-making efficiency, enhance market penetration, and provide better dining experience to customers.

Zhang Jiayin, chief executive officer of McDonald's China, said that this move will help the company rapidly make decisions that are in line with localization and meet customer and business demands. At the same time, McDonald's requires its potential strategic investors to be trust-worthy, financially stable, and deeply understand the Chinese market. The investors should have unique business models and competitive advantages to promote the rapid development of McDonald's in China.

At present, McDonald's has over 2,200 restaurants in China and the company hopes that the franchising ratio could be over 30% in the future.

Apart from the Chinese mainland market, McDonald's also plans to introduce strategic investors in Hong Kong and South Korea.

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