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South East Asia a significant mobile gaming growth opportunity, according to new report


London, United Kingdom, April 12, 2016 / - Working in conjunction with Priori Data and examining ten Asian markets, the report concludes that the likes of Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia could become mobile gaming powerhouses – with the right investment in infrastructure.

George Osborn, Editor of MGF, said, "South East Asia has the potential to become a major mobile gaming market for publishers across the world. Boasting nearly a billion potential players and rapidly growing its mobile infrastructure, South East Asia could prove a real opportunity for developers looking to grow their user base."

The 14 page report also concludes:

Local publishers rule the roost in China, Japan and South Korea, while less developed or foreign publishers dominate smaller territories, such as Singapore or Malaysia.

Paid games such as Minecraft, The Room 3 and Terraria appear in top grossing charts in South East Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

EA and Supercell perform best of the Western publishers, with both companies appearing in top ten grossing iOS and Android markets in eight territories across the region.

View the fact file which explores the state of affairs in ten Asian territories.

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