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McDonald's Targets Chinese Millennials To Fill 70,000 New Positions

The fast food giant McDonald's announced the launch of its nationwide recruitment week in China as it aims to hire about 70,000 employees throughout 2016.

The positions offered by McDonald's include trainee managers, restaurant staff, receptionists, and coffee baristas. The company targets young labor born between 1990 and 2000 but McDonald's says it is fully open to filling its positions with young people with no professional experience. Anyone who is over 16 years old can apply for the jobs.

Zhang Yue, general manager of Guangdong Sanyuan McDonald's Food Company Limited, told local media that 67% of McDonald's employees and nearly 30% of managers are young people born after 1990. The new-generation job seekers are interest-oriented and hope to gain respect and trust from employers. Therefore, McDonald's coined a new slogan "We trust young people" in 2015.

Zhang emphasized that the overall employee turnover of the company is healthy; meanwhile, they need a talent pool for new store openings and project expansions.

At the end of March 2016, McDonald's announced plans to introduce strategic investors in the Chinese market. Zhang said that this move will not affect the company's recruitment and expansion plans.

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