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Brookstone Opens New Outlet In Shanghai

Brookstone China has opened its third store in the Shanghai trading area of Xujiahui, at 979 Zhaojiabang Road.

This is the first Brookstone store in Xujiahui, the first flagship store in Shanghai, as well as the first virtual reality shopping experience. The company provides wellness, entertainment, and travel products.

As a virtual playground for shoppers, the Brookstone Shanghai store features two stories of interactive product demo zones. These include a virtual "bed on a wall," against which customers can wrap themselves in luxurious Nap Blankets and take selfies. Customers young and old are encouraged to play at the Sand Bar stocked with the wildly popular kinetic play sand that "sticks to itself, but not to you." There are displays of Cat Ear Headphones, a giant Aero wine aerator in the wall, a whole studio of Big Blue Audio Wireless Speakers, and a spa's worth of body massagers and massage chairs ready to soothe tired and aching muscles of anyone who visits.

"The Brookstone China store experience is all about hands-on discovery," said Brookstone CEO Tom Via. "Displays are bold, inviting and highly interactive. Customers are encouraged to pick up and try everything in the store. It's much more fun and exciting than a traditional retail environment."

Brookstone was originally an Emrican company, but was recently acquired by Sanpower Group Company. Sanpower Group Co., Ltd. is a private conglomerate whose primary businesses are engaged in technology and modern service industries. With big data serving as its core competitive advantage, Sanpower is rapidly building up an industrial ecosystem across the finance, health and commerce sectors.

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