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First Wangfujing Store In East China Heads To Nanjing

Nanjing Jinxiang Group and Wangfujing Group will jointly build a 260,000-square-meter high-end commercial complex, Jinxiang City Wangfujing Shopping Center, which will be the first Wangfujing store in East China region.

Located at Nanjing Bridge North, this new project has a total investment of CNY5 billion and it is expected to complete construction and begin operation in 2018.

Jinxiang City is positioned as a comprehensive high-end shopping center, which integrates food and beverage, entertainment, themed department stores and an IMAX theater. It will introduce 16 main stores, including department stores, hypermarket, commercial pedestrian street, gym, dining, skating rink, video game, KTV, and theater.

The highlight of this shopping center is a 460-meter four-floor indoor commercial pedestrian street, with a total area of 55,000 square meters. It is reportedly the longest and largest indoor pedestrian street in Nanjing.

In addition, this project will include over 1,700 motor vehicle parking spaces and over 10,000 non-motor vehicle parking spaces, which also sets a record in the city.

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