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Chinese Roast Duck Icon Increases Overseas Branches

China's leading roast duck restaurant Quanjude is bringing its unique waterfowl taste to more diners around the world.

The company recently published its semi-annual report for 2016 and said it opened four new owned restaurants during the first half of 2016 in China and is investigating options in places outside of mainland China.

The four restaurants inside China are the Beijing Beishatan Qiao restaurant, Dalian Lanshan restaurant, Hangzhou Xiaoshan restaurant, and Jiangsu Yangzhou restaurant. Meanwhile, Quanjude opened three new franchised stores, including one in Fuyang and two in Hami.

The company signed seven self-owned projects, including the Beijing Yizhuang restaurant, Xi'an Daming Palace restaurant, Changsha Meixihu restaurant, Shenyang Middle Street restaurant, Suzhou Xingyuefang restaurant, Shaoxing restaurant, and Zhenjiang restaurant, which are all currently under construction.

By June 30, 2016, Quanjude had 110 sites, including 35 self-owned restaurants, 70 franchised restaurants in China, and five overseas franchised restaurants. The company has completed franchisee site investigations in Toronto and Vancouver and formally signed a franchising contract for its Toronto project. Moreover, the company is planning to open a restaurant in Taiwan. With those moves, Quanjude's overseas franchised restaurants will increase from five to eight.

At present, Quanjude has two franchised restaurants in Japan, one in Myanmar, one in Australia, and one in Hong Kong.

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