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Johnson & Johnson Launches New Skin Care Brand In China

Johnson & Johnson announced that the company will introduce its skin care brand Aveeno into the Chinese market.

Aveeno features natural oat ingredients. Founded in 1945, Aveeno was launched in the Canadian market in 1950 and entered France in 1967. In 1999, Aveeno was acquired by Johnson & Johnson and the company developed adult and baby series products in 2000.

At present, the only official sales channel of Aveeno in China is its overseas flagship store on According to the information from the Tmall flagship store, Aveeno offers seven products in China, including adult and baby body care products, and the prices are ranging from CNY75 to CNY119.

Xie Bing, president of personal care business of Johnson & Johnson in China, said that based on the observation of Chinese consumer habits, the company will initially focus on e-commerce channels and they first started with an Aveeno overseas flagship store on Tmall. In the future, the company will gradually develop more online channels.

In 2014, Aveeno's body moisturizer products achieved sales of over USD100 million in America and ranked in the top three by market share. In North America, Aveeno's product lines cover body care, facial care, sunscreen, and hair care. At the same time, Aveeno has a special product line for babies and it covers over 100 products.

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