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Recruiting More Businesses Is Amazon China's Latest Goal

With behemoths like,,, Amazon has lots of competition in China. But the company is still focused on recruiting more Chinese small businesses to boost its export goods services.

The American Internet company just announced its four major strategic focuses in China for the company's global store expansion business in 2017. The four focuses of its global store expansion in 2017 are continuous improvement of user experience by improving vendor product quality; optimization of brand management tools and solutions to help Chinese vendors establish global brands; providing directional support and services to Chinese manufacturing enterprises; and direct outreach to global consumers with cross-border exports to promote the transformation of manufacturing industry.

In 2015, Amazon launched its Amazon Business in America program. After one year of operation, Amazon Business achieved an online trade value of USD1 billion and it served over 400,000 corporate and institutional customers. More than 45,000 third-party vendors joined Amazon Business.

In addition, to help Chinese vendors expand businesses on Amazon Business, the company established a local vendor recruitment team in the country. They provide a series of tools, including enterprise pricing and volume discounts, quality certification, Amazon Business exclusive badges, and business indicators.

Eric Broussard, Amazon's global vice president, said that over the past few years, the company has seen Chinese vendors provide various products to consumers around the world through global store expansion. Now with the launch of its Amazon Business vendor recruitment, the company will use its resources and e-commerce experience to help Chinese vendors expand global business procurement and gain more global business opportunities.

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