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Australian Company Brings Canned Air To Dirty Chinese Cities

Ever take a breath of polluted air and wish you had access to clean air for a few moments? A new product is giving Chinese users access to fresh air from Adelaide, Australia.

Pure Australian Air is now being sold via a Wechat store and promises to provide Chinese consumers with breaths of fresh air direct from Down Under. In December 2016, Beijing witnessed an "Airpocolypse" where the pollution levels exceeded dangerous levels for many days.

Fitted with a moulded respirator the Koala Hill range of products are suitable for use by people of all ages and deliver controlled amounts of pure air with the simple press of a trigger.

Every product claims to be quality tested and bears Koala Hill's golden seal of authenticity. Complete with premium packaging the products are suitable gifts for friends and family.

Koala Hill's range includes its Everyday Breathing Air, Health Breathing Air and Sports Breathing Air, with the latter two naturally enriched to an oxygen level of 38 percent.

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