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Californian companies showcase leading skincare and beauty products at Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium

Hong Kong, China, May 31, 2017 / - In a first time collaboration, the Commercial Section of the U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau, and California State Trade and Export Promotion has partnered with Hong Kong’s Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium (Yue Hwa) to showcase a range of American skincare, health and beauty products throughout the whole of June and July. The products from twenty market leading companies will be prominently displayed on the ground floor of Yue Hwa’s 80,000 square foot flagship store in Jordan.

Yue Hwa, which also owns Travel Essentials and a chain of specialty stores and four department stores in Singapore, has a strong reputation for keeping abreast with consumer tastes, sourcing and offering the best quality products at affordable prices for their customers.

“Similar to Yue Hwa, U.S. cosmetic and toiletry companies are known for their innovation in product development, and offering high quality, safe products at competitive prices,” Andrew Yu, Director, Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium, said, “For this special promotion, Yue Hwa is giving highly reputable American companies an opportunity to gain or expand their foothold in a competitive, but important market.”

“This unique program that we are promoting introduces exciting new products to the Hong Kong market and enables Yue Hwa to test how well these products sell before committing to a huge purchase,” said Jim Cunningham, Chief Commercial Consul of the U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau.

California is the largest exporting state to Asia and last year, exported US$68.7 billion to the region; of these US$14.4 billion were exports to China. Exports to Hong Kong were US$9.8 billion making the HKSAR California’s fifth export destination.

“Trend-conscious consumers are at the forefront of driving change in the beauty product market both at a production and retail level. These consumers care about the providence and opt for skincare and beauty products with natural active ingredients and free from chemicals. American companies have an incredible record in this regard as evidenced by their strength in the marketplace,” added Yu.

Available for sale in late May at Yue Hwa’s flagship store in Jordan will be products from Allira Naturals, America Medic Science, Biocreative's Petal Fresh, Bio-home, California Mango, Chrislie Formulations / Arminak Solutions, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, Heidi's, Janice Skincare, Marin Bee, Nios Group, Nolah Industries, Spongelle, Udderly Smooth, Yes Nutri, and Zorica of Malibu Skin Care.

Jeff Williamson, Director, California State Trade and Export Promotion, said, “The partnership with Yue Hwa gives well-known Californian and other American cosmetic and skincare producers an opportunity to show and sell their products in a prestigious and market-leading store. Domestic demand from Hong Kong for quality, natural skincare products from the U.S. remains strong as the perceived authenticity and reliability outweighs any pricing difference between brands from other markets.”

About Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium
Bik-Yau Yu, father of K C Yu, and P C Yu, established the store in Hong Kong in Central in 1959, specializing in Chinese products (arts and crafts, decorative items, Chinese ceramic and porcelain, silk products and apparel, Chinese teas, Chinese herbal medicines, silk bedlinens and household products from China). It has since evolved to a 7-storey department store retailing clothing, sportswear, personal care and skincare products, dietary supplements, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese food products, luggage, elderly care products, and food and groceries. Yue Hwa also operates a supermarket in its flagship store. There are now 14 stores in Hong Kong, mostly carrying personal care, health supplements and Chinese herbal medicines and 4 branches of the Yue Hwa Emporium in Singapore.

About California STEP
The California State Trade and Export Promotion (California STEP) project leverages a statewide network of state, federal, private and non-profit trade promotion organizations to facilitate export promotion, activities, serving targeted industries, to drive exports for small businesses.

Managed by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Centers for International Trade Development (CITD), the network of STEP Partners implement a range of export promotion programs (over 50 trade missions since 2012) serving multiple sectors, including: Information Telecommunications Technologies, Green Technologies, Food and Agricultural Products, California Lifestyle Products, Water Technologies, Scientific Instrumentation, Transportation Equipment and Industrial Machinery.


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