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French Outdoor Leisure Brand Opens Store In Suzhou

Aigle, a French outdoor leisure brand with a history of over 100 years, has opened a store in Jiuguang Department Store, Suzhou.

Founded in 1853, Aigle is sells leisure jackets and rain boots with both fashionable designs and functions. Its classic works include the handmade rubber boots "Miss Juliette" and "Miss Julie". The brand entered the Chinese market in 1998, with the Chinese sportswear brand Lining as its agent.

As a master brand of handmade rubber boots, Aigle's craftsmanship is over 100 years old. The materials of its rain boots are all from rubber plantations in Southeast Asia and Africa, featuring unique molecular structures to ensure superior durability and tear resistance. Even in extremely cold conditions, they can still provide unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

In regards to functional casual clothing, Aigle used new patterns in its Full Summer series of the latest season. It added linen shirts, oriental cherry blossom patterns, and sailing elements like anchors in its details.

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