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JNBY's Home Supplies Brand Opens New Store In Hangzhou

Chinese clothing brand JNBY opened a new JNBYHOME store, JNBY's new designer home supplies brand, in Hangzhou.

JNBYHOME is a home supplies brand launched by JNBY in December 2016 and it opened its first store in January 2017. JNBYHOME targets high income customers who pursue high-quality lifestyles with a positive and free mind. According to JNBY's 2016/2017 semi-annual report, JNBYHOME contributed sales of CNY400,000 during the reporting period.

A representative from JNBY said that with the launch of JNBYHOME, they aim to further complete their brand portfolio. Meanwhile, it will enable them to serve customers of various ages. JNBY's goal is to further develop their design platform and continue to expand and diversify their product supplies and brand portfolio in accordance to the group's unified brand concept, so as to realize a sustainable long-term growth.

At present, JNBY Group has six major brands, including JNBY, CROQUIS, jnby by JNBY, less, Pomme deterre, and JNBYHOME. The group designs, promotes, and sells fashion clothing, shoes and accessories for women, men, children, and teenagers, in addition to home supplies.

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