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Keytone Dairy, RT-Mart Sign Sale Agreement

According to reports in Chinese local media, New Zealand dairy manufacturer Keytone Dairy recently signed a sale agreement with RT-Mart, aiming to expand the Chinese market.

RT-Mart belongs to Sun Art Retail Group Limited which is a leading comprehensive supermarket operator in China. By December 31, 2018, Sun Art Retail Group owned about 16% market share of the Chinese retail market; its total revenue reached AUD19.3 billion; and its profit before tax was AUD848.5 million. Alibaba Group holds about 36% shares of Sun Art Retail Group.

Keytone Dairy is a mature dairy products manufacturer and exporter. The company has gained production approval certificate from Certification and Accreditation Administration of China, which is the main reason that its products can be exported to China smoothly.

Based on the agreement signed by Keytone Dairy and RT-Mart, Keytone Dairy will supply its Keydairy products to RT-Mart, covering whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, colostrum milk powder, and kiwi fruit milk powder. The agreement does not specify the supply amount, but states that the products shall be supplied on customer demand.

In addition, since Keytone Dairy acquired Omniblend Pty Ltd on June 17, 2019, RT-Mart will also be able to sell OmniBlend's exclusive health products to provide a wider range of product selections to Chinese customers.

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