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Suning Opened First Full Digital Store In Nanjing

According to reports in Chinese local media, Suning recently opened its first full digital store in Nanjing.

It is said that the full digital store has the world's latest technologies. Its cameras can automatically identify consumers and products and it supports single-person single account and multiple-person single account payment methods at the same time. Consumers can walk in the store, pick up products and just leave, without worrying about the payment process.

The store will depend on Suning's technology big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and its special human-machine video interaction technologies, in addition to the realization of Suning financial payment and risk control platform.

Hou Enlong, president of, said that Suning will build the strongest intelligent retail platform and realize supply chain regularization, digitization, openness and empowerment.

Public files show that Chinese detergent brand Bluemoon has reached cooperation with Suning's digital intelligent platform and the cooperation contributed over CNY30 million sales via social group marketing.

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