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Guxiaojiu To Build Digital Alcohol Factory In Yibin With CNY300 Million

Chinese alcohol maker Guxiaojiu and the government of Jiang'an, Yibin jointly announced that Guxiaojiu will build an alcohol factory in Yibin, which will have an annual output of up to 50,000 tons.

It is said that the alcohol factory will have an area of 300 mu. The first phase project will cover 100 mu and the initial investment is CNY300 million.

Commenting on the use of the investment, Guxiaojiu said that it will be mainly used to build factory buildings and develop assembly lines. Its planned capacity will reach over 50,000 tons, which can meet the capacity demand of a national liquor enterprise.

In regards to the reasons of building the factory in Yibin, Guxiaojiu said that they want to better control the product quality from the source. They will manage the production lines digitally to improve efficiency and lower cost to allow consumers to enjoy better liquor with less money.

According to the plan of Guxiaojiu, they will use digital assembly lines to increase the current capacity by at least 20%. With digitization, it is easier to set standards and ensure the consistent taste of each batch of products.

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