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Chinese Cosmetics Brand Venus Marble Enters Japan

Chinese cosmetics brand Venus Marble, which is known for its marble eye shadow tray, announced to enter the Japanese market.

It is said that Venus Marble announced to enter the offline store of Japan's leading beauty comprehensive website Cosme and cosmetics specialty store Osemary on December 7, 2019, marking its formal entry into the Japanese market and its global development.

According to public files, Venus Marble was established in 2017 and its main products include eye shadow, blush, highlighter, eyelash brush, and makeup remover. Among those products, its marble eye shadow tray series are the most well-known and the series once ranked the first in the eye shadow category on Taobao for eight consecutive months, with monthly sales of 5.36 million units.

In 2018, Venus Marble's annual sales reached CNY260 million.

So far, Venus Marble's Tmall flagship store has 431,000 followers.

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