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JD Signed Sales Agreement With Nine Watch Brands

According to reports in Chinese local media, JD has signed strategic sales agreement with nine Chinese watch brands, including Rossini, Ebohr, Fiyta, Tian Wang, and Sea-Gull, for 2020 with total value of over CNY100 million.

During the strategic signing ceremony, JD announced its new strategy to focus on the needs of brands and create new popular products. It will cooperate with Chinese watch brands in three major dimensions, including popular product creation, brand IP cooperation, and channel promotion.

JD will use its big data advantage to pinpoint user groups and recommend Chinese-made watch series to users. With popular elements like content, topic and fashion, JD aims to create hot items with sales of over 100,000 units.

For brand IP cooperation, JD will help Chinese watch brands and various fashion brands with co-design and IP watch joint development.

In regards to channel realization, JD will help Chinese watch brands achieve seamless connection of high-quality production capacity and consumer market.

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