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Alibaba's Beijing Headquarters Lays Foundation

With a total investment of CNY6.4 billion, Alibaba Group's Beijing headquarters park formally laid foundation in Chaoyang District.

This is an iconic moment, which marks the realization of Alibaba's Beijing and Hangzhou dual center dual headquarters strategy. It is also a new milestone for the cooperation between Alibaba and Beijing.

It is said that Alibaba's Beijing headquarters has an area of 186 mu and its total construction area will be 470,000 square meters. It is expected to complete construction in 2024.

With the full cooperation with Beijing, Alibaba's digital economic ecology will have more possibilities; meanwhile, Alibaba will inject new functions into the innovative development of Beijing's economic society.

So far, Alibaba's core businesses have all been available in Beijing, covering technology, finance, e-commerce, culture and entertainment, health, logistics, and new consumption.

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