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Yonghui Supermarket Added 205 New Stores In 2019

According to reports in Chinese local media, Yonghui Supermarket added 205 new stores in 2019, achieving store expansion for six consecutive years.

It is said that during the year of 2019, Yonghui Supermarket opened 167 new stores across China. At the same time, during the first half of 2019, 38 Bravo YH stores formally merged into Yonghui Supermarket system.

By December 31, 2019, Yonghui Supermarket had developed 910 stores in China, covering 529 cities of 28 provinces. Its total operating areas reached over six million square meters.

Public files showed that Yonghui Supermarket opened 49 new stores in 2011, 47 in 2012, 46 in 2013, 51 in 2014, 62 in 2015, 105 in 2016, 133 in 2017, and 135 in 2018. The company entered a continuous growth stage since 2013. Compared with 2018, Yonghui Supermarket's store expansion realized a year-on-year increase of 51.85% in 2019.

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