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Japanese Grocery Brand Enters China

Japanese lifestyle grocery specialty store LoFt announced its formal entry into the Chinese market.

It is said that LoFt and Shanghai Metro City have signed an agreement, under which LoFt will open its first Chinese store in Shanghai Metro City and it is expected to formally open on July 1, 2020.

The new LoFt Metro City store will be on the second floor of the mall and it will have an area of about 1,046 square meters. Its products cover four categories, including stationery, comprehensive daily necessities, health products, and lifestyle products.

LoFt previously revealed that the brand would accelerate its store layout in China from 2020 and it aimed to open six owned stores in Shanghai and Chengdu by 2023.

LoFt was established in 1987. By March 2019, it had developed 117 physical stores in Japan, including 99 owned stores.

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