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Amer Sports Opened First Chinese Store In Shenyang

Amer Sports, the Finnish high-end sports supplies company acquired by Anta, has opened its first store in China, locating in Shenyang Commercial City.

Established in Finland in 1950, Amer Sports is the world's top sports equipment brand management group company. It was listed on Nasdaq OMX in 1977 and the company has been providing the most advanced sports technology products to professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts.

On April 1, 2019, Anta published its latest progress report for the acquisition of Amer Sports and stated that the acquisition was closed on March 29, 2019. Meanwhile, Amer Sports was delisted from Nasdaq OMX.

It is said that Amer Sports already established a branch in China in 2007 and the company intends to further distribute and expand in the Chinese market. With its advantages in brand management, diversified distribution channels, research and development, and product quality, Amer Sports will achieve further development with the help of Anta.

Meanwhile, Anta will be able to further expand in international markets via Amer Sports.

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