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Dataxet Unveils Enhanced Features In COVID-19 News Tracking Tool at

Addition of Chinese and Bahasa give users more relevant Coronavirus news and data across Asia

Singapore, May 23, 2020 / - Over the past four weeks, online postings about “N95” masks in Singapore have more than quintupled from the previous month. In the same way that the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, news about the virus has traveled just as fast and at even higher volumes. Dataxet’s free news tracking tool at creates easy-to-use news maps to quantify this avalanche of news created by journalists, bloggers, and online commentators and brings relevant data across a range of Coronavirus-related topics.

The website launched last month as a free tool for anybody to track the trending COVID-19 topics across Asia. With the language additions of Simplified Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia, Dataxet’s tool is now expanding its scope of providing highly relevant information.

The tool contains hundreds of news articles updated each hour from thousands of online datapoints, timely global health statistics aggregated by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and immediately usable graphs and charts showcasing the data volume across topics and regions in Asia.

“ is updated continuously with relevant Bahasa, Chinese, and English data analyzed from thousands of data sources,” says Jason Lee, managing director at Dataxet. “Not only does this free tool showcase some of Dataxet’s data monitoring capabilities, it also provides back to the community a bit of the metrics within our data vault. We plan to continue to provide this free tool so long as it is necessary for the public to remain aware of the latest COVID-19 news.”

Dataxet has partnered with Jakarta-based Sonar Platform to help monitor the Bahasa Indonesia coverage, and with Hong Kong-based for Chinese news monitoring. For more information about, please visit

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