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BIEM.L.FDLKK Reached Intelligent Retail Cooperation With Tencent

Golf apparel brand BIEM.L.FDLKK recently published an announcement, stating that the company had signed an intelligent retail strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent.

The two parties' cooperation will include intelligent store upgrade, private domain traffic operation, IP joint name, advertising and marketing, big data application, super shopping guide knowledge empowerment, product life cycle management, and data central platform.

BIEM.L.FDLKK said that digitalization would become the future new infrastructure of the company.

For intelligent store, BIEM.L.FDLKK and Tencent will work together to build intelligent model store. BIEM.L.FDLKK will apply Tencent's face recognition, interactive equipment, AR/VR technology, LBS, and consumer connection accumulation to establish a pan customer flow management system. In the future, they will implement cooperation in pan member system, product integration, and traffic introduction basing on offline stores.

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