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Gome To Introduce American Top Brand PLANAR

Chinese home appliances and electronics retailer Gome and American top brand PLANAR recently held a strategic cooperation press conference, announcing that Gome would become PLANAR's exclusive cooperation partner in China.

Founded in the 1980s, PLANAR is a leader in the global industrial application display sector and it is one of the largest professional display suppliers in the world. Its LED display product sales ranked the first in the world for three consecutive years and it is a high-end video manufacturer recognized by the world.

In 2007, PLANAR acquired the international top family projector brand RUNCO and formally entered the consumer market. By signing the exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Gome, PLANAR realized its entry into the Chinese market and they set the sales goal at CNY100 million.

Wang Bo, vice president of Gome, said that as the world's top audio-visual brand, PLANAR's high-end large screen product will further enrich Gome's audio-visual product line and provide consumers with richer living room viewing experience. At the same time, Gome's strong supply chain ability, efficient logistics service ability, and full channel integration ability will help PLANAR open the Chinese market more quickly. With in-depth cooperation, the two parties will jointly satisfy Chinese families' demand for consumption upgrade and to achieve a win-win situation.

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