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Huawei Plans To Open Three Flagship Experience Stores In UK

Huawei previously opened its largest flagship store in Shanghai and the company announced plans to open three new flagship experience stores in UK.

It is said that the Chinese telecom company will invest GBP10 million to open stores in London and Manchester. The first batch of owned flagship stores will be located in prosperous shopping district and create over 100 jobs in the areas.

According to the planning of Huawei, its first store will be opened in the Olympic Park, London in October 2020. In February 2021, its retail center and service center will be opened in Manchester. In addition, another experience store in London will be launched in 2021. At present, Huawei has a service center in London's Wembley, which was formally launched in June 2020.

Huawei said that those new experience stores aim to allow consumers to interact with a series of Huawei products, including smartphone, laptop, tablet, earphone, smart watch, fitness bracelet, and smart speaker.

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