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Cainiao Guoguo Teams With Express Delivery Companies To Offer Free Trainings

Cainiao Guoguo, a Chinese application for express delivery checking and sending, announced to cooperate with main express delivery companies, including ZTO Express, Yunda, STO Express, YTO Express, Best Express and Deppon, to set up a Cainiao Guoguo Business School.

Prior to this, Cainiao Guoguo announced plans to add 30,000 full-time couriers in 2020. By providing professional trainings and order support, Cainiao Guoguo will promote income increase of those full-time couriers.

It is said that Cainiao Guoguo Business School has formally launched a digital learning platform. At present, couriers can attend free trainings via Cainiao Guoguo app to rapidly improve their skills, promote employment, and increase income.

According to the staff of Cainiao Guoguo Business School, up to 10,000 couriers participate in learning and testing on the platform on a daily basis. The platform provides nearly 50 free-of-charge online courses for couriers to learn in their spare time.

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